War and Peace epub

War and Peace epub

War and Peace epub

War and Peace epub

War and Peace ebook

Author: Leo Tolstoy

ISBN-10: 067003469X

ISBN-13: 978-0670034697

Publish Date: (January 19, 2006)

Publisher: Viking Adult; First Edition edition

Pages of Book: 1424 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Novel, Historical drama


War and Peace is one longest novels ever written. It is so rich a literature that only some reach around that astounding corner, one of the truest works of Leo Tolstoy. Reading War and Peace was like reading Tolstoy, a disciplinary mark of a style is present in the novel that unprecedented and unmatched and was placed in the top 100 books. It is a work of experience because Tolstoy had written it in the most cherished moments of his, right after the turmoil’s of youth had left his side and he married a girl 16 years younger than himself; finally shaking that everlasting cough he had with him for years. The work of an educated man, an educator himself of the finest quality, the words render a touch maturity that comes a lifetime of realizations and seeing through reverberations of ages. The novel had many revisions and Tolstoy was dissatisfied with most of them; he completed the first draft in 1863, he rewrote the entire novel between 1866 and 1869.
The novel hopes to endeavor the reader through The French Invasion of Russia and the effect of Napoleonic Era on Tsarist Societies while narrating the stories of five families. A spectacle that teaches much about real life, war and peace. Find out why its one the greatest books ever written.

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