Uncertain Magic epub

Uncertain Magic epub

Uncertain Magic epub

Uncertain Magic epub

Uncertain Magic ebook

Author: Laura Kinsale

ISBN-10: 0380751402

ISBN-13: 9780380751402

Publish Date: March 2nd 1987

Publisher: Avon

Pages of Book: 384 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Romance


Roderica Delamore has a “gift.” Cursed with the unwanted ability to hear the thoughts of others, she is dedicated to raising her family’s prize thoroughbreds and resigned to living without love. But one man’s mind is inexplicably closed to her: a mysterious Irish rogue who may be the lover she has been dreaming of her entire life.

They call Faelan Savigar “the Devil Earl”—a handsome, impoverished lord damned by dark rumor and whispered innuendo. But the secrets Faelan hides within are what stir Roderica’s desire—and her need to experience the intoxicating ecstasy of his kiss. But be he liar, swindler, or worse, Roderica knows she can have no other—and she will trust this enigmatic stranger with her life…and her heart.

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