The Unseelie King epub

The Unseelie King epub

The Unseelie King epub

The Unseelie King ebook

Author: Heather Killough-Walden

Publish Date: December 22nd 2014

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Pages of Book: 348 pages

Language: English

Genre: Fiction, Paranormal romance, Romantic fantasy


The doors of his castle opened before him of their own accord. In the Unseelie Kingdom, every soul recognized his, as an animal sensing an oncoming earthquake or the rumble of a mighty storm. Ears perked and stone listened, and doors opened to make way. The sound of boots on stone echoed in the vast emptiness of the palace, sending shockwaves of preparation through the realm’s inhabitants. There was silence there, in those waiting eyes and those rapid beating hearts. But there was music as well. If it had been audible to a mortal, it would have sounded foreboding, beautiful but deadly. It was the haunting melody that welcomed a haunted sovereign to his solitary world and its dark and lonesome throne.

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