The Dream Hunter epub

The Dream Hunter epub

The Dream Hunter epub

The Dream Hunter epub

The Dream Hunter ebook

Author: Laura Kinsale

ISBN-10: 0425207625

ISBN-13: 9780425207628

Publish Date: January 3rd 2006

Publisher: Penguin Berkley Sensation

Pages of Book: 396 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Romance


Lord Arden Winter, cool, shy, restless, only heir, frustrates his rich parents, seeks legendary racing mare String of Pearls. After the funeral of Lady Stanhope, her unacknowledged illegitimate daughter Zenia 25 agrees to guide him across the Arab desert if he will take her to her unknown father Michael Bruce in London. For months, she is a loyal servant, a ragged Bedouin boy. They save each others lives, until the night a prince sees her as a female, and condemns them to death. Historical Note that explorer Stanhope and younger lover Bruce were real.

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