The Burning Tide epub

The Burning Tide epub

The Burning Tide epub

The Burning Tide ebook

Author: Jonathan Auxier

ISBN-10: 0545876974

ISBN-13: 9780545876974

Publish Date: September 13th 2016

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Pages of Book: 192 pages

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy Fiction


Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan are four heroes who are split between worlds, braving separate paths in order to stop this evil. With a strange and unlikely new group of allies behind them, the young guardians have a real chance at saving their home–but they will have to move fast.

An ancient trap exists, hidden within the folds of Erdas itself. Though it has the power to end this war for good, the means of starting the trap have been lost. The young heroes only have one shot. They must work with their spirit animals to uncover a secret older than time. If they can’t, then everything will be consumed.

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