Seize the Fire epub

Seize the Fire epub

Seize the Fire epub

Seize the Fire epub

Seize the Fire ebook

Author: Laura Kinsale

ISBN-10: 0380753995

ISBN-13: 9780380753994

Publish Date: October 2nd 1989

Publisher: Avon Books

Pages of Book: 453 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Historical Romance


Olympia St. Leger is a princess in desperate need of a knight in shining armor. Sheridan Drake, amused by Olympia’s innocence and magnificent beauty, but also intrigued by her considerable wealth, accepts the position of white knight. Unaware that Sheridan is a notorious scoundrel, Olympia willingly allows herself to submit to his protection and his potent embrace. Theirs is a love born in deception. But as they weather storms on the high seas and flee from nefarious villains, the love sparked by lies begins to burn uncontrollably. Taking shelter on a desert island paradise, the princess and the dark knight battle overwhelming odds to keep their adoration burning bright.

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