Rumplestiltskin epub

Rumplestiltskin epub

Rumplestiltskin epub

Rumplestiltskin epub

Rumplestiltskin ebook

Series: Not Quite the Fairy Tale #7

Author: May Sage

Language: English

Genre: Romance


In theory, fays could live forever, but each spell they cast cost them a day of life.
After three thousand years and more than twice as many spells, Rumpelstiltskin is dying. He knows it, he doesn’t even fear it. It just pisses him off – because there is a way for a fay to beat that fate, and somehow, he’d always believed he’d manage it.
With less than a year left on earth, he’s given up hope.
Three hundred spells. Three hundred days…

Parents are supposed to be protective and all; as far as she can remember, Aria’s have used her.
They’ve used her beauty, at first, entering her into as many pageants as possible, then, when her career as a designer took off, they used her name to further their own standing.
She’d never imagined that they might push it that far, though.
There’s no way out of her situation – her parents owe her captor too much for him to relinquish her. There’s nothing she can do.
Unless a pile of gold somehow appears before morning…

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