Ruin epub Deborah Bladon

Ruin epub Deborah Bladon

Ruin epub Deborah Bladon

Ruin epub Deborah Bladon

Ruin epub ebook

Author: Deborah Bladon

ISBN-10: 1505214475

ISBN-13: 978-1505214475

Publish Date: (November 27, 2014)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages of Book: 212 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Romance


They sat next to each other on the flight, the air hostess tried her very hard to attract his attention, and she almost did. He was a handsome man, she would be invisible with him; he was so handsome, six feet, brown eyes, wide chin, brown hair, perfect. It had been only sixty nine minutes oh sorry, fifty nine and they were already traveling to a room, thirty one since he had told her that he was attracted to brunettes and she knew that having this man inside her would wash away all of her pain. Another man had left her for his own happiness and this one had found her. This novel is like quick sand, the more you resist the more you are going in; I know I know I’ve said that before but it happened to me, I read the whole thing in one night. Here is an excerpt that I would like to share with you:

I nod. It’s not unlike me. He’s not the first man I’ve slept with within moments of meeting. It’s always filled a temporary hunger. This time is different though. This time I’m doing it to numb the ache.

“I’m Ben, by the way.” He extends his hand in a graceful, yet misplaced, greeting.

I reach for it, entrusting my own in his. “I’m Kayla.”

“Pretty,” he says.

I take the compliment along with the gentle touch. He won’t be like this in bed. I can sense it already. There’s a darkness behind his eyes that promises skill, pleasure and a bite of flashing pain. It’s everything I need all wrapped into a six foot four inch, muscular, brown haired, brown eyed stranger.

“Is anyone expecting you?”

My eyes flit across his face pulling nothing from his stoic expression. He’s asking if there’s a complication waiting for me when the plane touches down at LaGuardia. There’s nothing waiting for me here. No one knows that I’ve run from my life in Boston. I haven’t told a soul that the man I loved left me beneath the shadow of an excuse about chasing his own happiness. He’d changed overnight. The once beautiful, confident soul that held me in his arms and promised me a lifetime has been replaced with a cold, distant selfish a*shole.

“No,” I whisper the word as if that will lessen the pain that is attached to it. “There’s no one.”

Irresistible. A true Bestseller.

This is the second part to the novel I was really into but no matter how much hard you try you just can’t be Dr. Ben Foster. The six feet, sexy, brown haired, brown eyed man who would be to women as sweetness is to a moth. This part is focused on Kayla realizing that the man she has fallen in love with is more complicated than she could ever have previously thought.

She had fallen for him fast and hard, she decides to fix him as every woman possesses the ability but perhaps this man was even more complicated, she thought she could be the thread to which he would come back to family and just as she is about to step into her future with him, she realizes that it had been a mistake. The book is seductive and mysterious and to tell you any important twist about it would be a waste, you have to read it; after reading the first part, it’s a must that one reads the second.

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