Reserved for the Cat epub

Reserved for the Cat epub

Reserved for the Cat epub

Reserved for the Cat ebook

Author: Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 0756403626

ISBN-13: 9780756403626

Publish Date: October 30th 2007

Publisher: DAW

Pages of Book: 328 pages

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Historical fantasy


In 1910, in an alternate London, a penniless young dancer is visited by a cat who communicates with her mind to mind. Though she is certain she must be going mad, she is desperate enough to follow the cat’s advice and impersonates a famous Russian ballerina. The cat, it turns out, is actually an Elemental Earth Spirit, and leads her to minor stardom.

Meanwhile, the real Russian ballerina has fallen victim to an evil troll who takes over her body and kills her patrons, drinking their life essences in order to strengthen his powers. And soon, the troll focuses his dark attentions on the young dancer…

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