Persepolis Rising epub

Persepolis Rising epub

Persepolis Rising epub

Persepolis Rising ebook

Author: James S.A. Corey

ISBN-10: 0316332828

ISBN-13: 9780316332828

Publish Date: December 5th 2017

Publisher: Orbit Books

Pages of Book: 608 pages

Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera


In the thousand-sun network of humanity’s expansion, new colony worlds are struggling to find their way. Every new planet lives on a knife edge between collapse and wonder, and the crew of the aging gunship Rocinante have their hands more than full keeping the fragile peace.

In the vast space between Earth and Jupiter, the inner planets and belt have formed a tentative and uncertain alliance still haunted by a history of wars and prejudices. On the lost colony world of Laconia, a hidden enemy has a new vision for all of humanity and the power to enforce it.

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