Oathbreakers epub

Oathbreakers epub

Oathbreakers epub

Oathbreakers epub

Oathbreakers ebook

Series: Valdemar: Vows and Honor #2, Valdemar (Chronological) #22, Valdemar (Publication order) #5

Author: Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 0886774543

ISBN-13: 9780886774547

Publish Date: January 3rd 1989

Publisher: DAW

Pages of Book: 279 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy


When Idra, leader of the crack mercenaries known as the Sunhawks, failed to return from a journey to her home kingdom of Rethwellan, Tarma and Kethry, warrior and mage, set out in search of their vanished leader. Sisters of sword and spell, their fates bound together by Goddess-sworn oath, they were eternally pledged to fight the forces of evil.

And evil had indeed cast its shadow over the kingdom of Rethwellan. Idra, so they were told, had left long ago on a search for a legendary magical sword which could reveal which of her two brothers was meant to become the new king. With the princess gone, her younger brother had been branded an outlaw and her older brother had claimed the throne. Both instinct and mage-lore told Kethry and Tarma that all was not as it seemed, that both Idra and her people were in terrible jeopardy. Yet would their Goddess-given powers, aided by those of a Herald of Valdemar, prove strong enough to break the dark enchantment possessing this land?

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