Midsummer Moon epub

Midsummer Moon epub

Midsummer Moon epub

Midsummer Moon epub

Midsummer Moon ebook

Series: The Gamblers of Craven’s #1

Author: Laura Kinsale

ISBN-10: 158586322X

ISBN-13: 9781585863228

Publish Date: December 19th 1999

Publisher: eReads.com

Pages of Book: 312 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Romance


All the king’s men could not surpass the intellect, nor all the king’s ladies the beauty of Merlin Lambourne. As the infamous Napoleon’s deadly army grows ever closer, Lord Ransom Falconer frantically searches for an inventor who can create a new way to defeat the advancing forces. He unexpectedly finds that only the lovely Merlin is adequate for the challenge. Drunk from her intoxicating beauty, Falconer whisks Merlin back to his home on a trail of tender kisses, oblivious to mounting whispers of scandal. His quickly falls under the spell of her magical touch. But as Napoleon draws nearer, Falconer must use Merlin’s own inventions to protect her from danger. The magic of love surrounds them as they fall under the spell of undeniable passion.

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