Killer Insight epub

Killer Insight epub

Killer Insight epub

Killer Insight ebook

Author: Victoria Laurie

ISBN-10: 0451219333

ISBN-13: 9780451219333

Publish Date: September 5th 2006

Publisher: New American Library

Pages of Book: 288 pages

Language: English

Genre: Fiction, Mystery


When her relationship with FBI agent Dutch Rivers skids to a halt, Abby Cooper is fully aware that a wedding isn’t the best post-breakup scenario. But when a friend from the Mile High City finds herself short one bridesmaid, it doesn’t take a professional psychic to see the opportunity for a much-needed getaway.High altitudes can be healing, and Abby reunites with friends–especially her childhood crush Duffy McGinnis, now town sheriff…not to mention tall, dark, and yummy. But Abby needs more than a shoulder to cry on. One bridesmaid after the next is mysteriously flying the coop, and Abby’s intuition tells her their final destinations aren’t pretty.

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