Few Things Left Unsaid epub

Few Things Left Unsaid

Few Things Left Unsaid

Few Things Left Unsaid

Book Info:

Few Things Left Unsaid ebook

Author: Sudeep Nagarkar

ISBN-10: 9788184004199

ISBN-13: 978-8184004199

Publish Date: (November 6, 2013)

Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Pages of Book: 298 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance, Teen & Young Adult Literature & Fiction


Must read for all those who care for someone and love someone.It has everything which one will love to read.Surely a page turner. –Anushka Sep 2, 2011 This is the book which will make even a rock to cry, Aditya and Riya are so adorable.I really cried when i finished this book….This is the best love story what i have read in my entire life…and i am very excited to read the second book! It was simple, emotional and had all the elements of national bestseller. I wish you both meet soon. –Madhu 18 Dec 2011 I started this book last night and I have it finished today and its like evening right now. Its an amazing book which captures the life of a young guy going through several lows and highs but in the end concludes with an important message that trust is all that is expected when you are in love. The book which can be treasured for long time and will remain in your hearts forever. I am not much into reading apart from CB novels but Sudeep’s work can be compared to those books.I am just an engineering student who reads a fiction book probably once every 2 months but this one is a really quick read and it had me hooked through out. It can actually be read in one or two sittings and Sudeep Nagarkar has done a fab job. –Piyush 01 Jan 2012

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