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End of Days

End of Days

End of Days

Book Info:

End of Days ebook

Author: Sylvia Browne

ISBN-10: 0451226895

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0451226891

Publish Date: (June 2, 2009)

Publisher: Berkley

Pages of Book: 336 pages (This may be different)

Language: English

Genre: Prophecies, ESP, Christian Eschatology


In End of Days, Browne tackles the most daunting of subjects with her trademark clarity, wisdom, and serenity, answering such difficult questions as: What’s coming in the next fifty years? What do the great prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation mean? If the world is really going to end, what will unfold in our final hours?

For anyone who’s ever wondered where we’re headed, and what—if anything—we can do to prevent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, End of Days is a riveting and insightful must-read.

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