Bone Gods epub

Bone Gods epub

Bone Gods epub

Bone Gods ebook

Author: Caitlin Kittredge

ISBN-10: 0312388209

ISBN-13: 9780312388209

Publish Date: November 30th 2010

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Pages of Book: 352 pages

Language: English

Genre: Dark fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Urban fantasy


Witch hunts are on the rise and supernatural turf wars are reaching a boiling point. Then, just when it seems life couldn’t get any worse for Pete, Jack reappears—but he’s no longer the man she’s always known. Hell has changed him forever. And he’s brought back with him a whole world of trouble…

A cabal of necromancers are using ancient, unspeakable magic to turn the tide of war in their favor. Then, as the city is about to sink into chaos, Pete receives a chilling directive: To end the war, you must kill the crow-mage. Beset from all sides, Pete finds herself turning to an unholy source for help…even if doing so could destroy Black London—and life as she knew it—once and for all.

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