Asymmetry epub

Asymmetry epub

Asymmetry epub

Asymmetry ebook

Author: Lisa Halliday

ISBN-10: 150116676X

ISBN-13: 978150116676X

Publish Date: February 6th 2018

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Pages of Book: 277 pages

Language: English

Genre: Literary fiction


A singularly inventive and unforgettable debut novel about love, luck, and the inextricability of life and art, from 2017 Whiting Award winner Lisa Halliday.

Told in three distinct and uniquely compelling sections, Asymmetry explores the imbalances that spark and sustain many of our most dramatic human relations: inequities in age, power, talent, wealth, fame, geography, and justice. The first section, Folly tells the story of Alice, a young American editor, and her relationship with the famous and much older writer Ezra Blazer.

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