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Are you confused which book to buy and what edition? We are here!, We are the origin of knowledge, We are EPUBORIGIN.

EPUBORIGIN is a great way to get most of the eBooks information, reviews & chronology. We have a great database of kindle/hardcovers of educational, novels and fictional genre gathered from Amazon data provided to its affiliates.

Either you are a student, professor, a writer or doing some research. We are the perfect match to fulfill all your educational material needs. We don’t rent books or sell, we only refer our users to Amazon. If you are in the search for a rare book which is not present here in our database you can go directly to Amazon and buy the book.

Our mission is to give the best and most authentic information/chronology of eBooks because we believe that many people just don’t buy books because of lack of information which creates confusion.

As far as Global Warming is concerned it is the biggest issue faced by our Planet that’s why we are here with a mission to promote eBooks. EBooks are always the best option for those who want to have all their books with them. You can download thousands of eBooks in your Kindle or cell phone etc. we will be always with you to provide the every edition of every book you want.

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